What is a Container?

A Container is a stripped down lightweight image of an operating system, which is then bundled with the application package and other dependencies to run a Container in a isolated process. A Container shares the core components such as kernal, network drivers, system tools, libraries, and many other settings from host operating system. The prupose of a Container is to have a standard image that is packaged, published, and deployed to a cluster such as Docker swarm or Kubernetes. To learn more about containers history, please visit official docker website.

What is a Docker image?

A Docker image contains stripped down operating system image, your application code, and configuration required to run in any Container cluster such as Kubernetes or Docker swarm. An image is built using a Dockerfile that is setup using set of commands to compile with all the dependencies. To learn more on how to write a docker file. Please visit this website.

Follow below guide to get started with Containers

Beginners guide

Follow below guide in the order to get most out of it.

Intermediate guide

Advanced guide

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