September 2020

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How to encrypt and decrypt files using openssl

In this tutorial we will go over how to encrypt a text file that we can store in public storage without any security concerns. Suppose you are running an application in a cloud platform, and you are running daily backup of SQL files and want to store it securely in block storage somewhere in the

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How to generate self-signed certificate in Linux

In this tutorial, I will be using CentOS 7 to generate self-signed certificates. You can use any Linux operating system as long as it is Openssl install. To install Openssl follow the below guide: Openssl installation CentOS, Redhat, Fedora: Ubuntu, Debian Generating certificate with password Command: Interactive view: Verify output Generating certificate without password Command:

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How to create new MySQL user and assign database

To create a new user in MySQL follow the below steps: Create new MySQL user Once the user is created, you will need to set permissions to grant access to the database. Here I will first create a testdb to create a new database to set permissions. Create new database Assign permissions to database Update

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How to install MySQL 8 on CentOS 8

Download rpm package and configure yum repository Disable mysql5.7: Enable mysql8.0: Verify: Disabling default MySQL modules Installation Service start stop start: status check: Changing temp password after installation The above output will display the default password Z#5m,9wsmlw in the console. Changing password by following below setup command Interactive setup: Connecting to MySQL server

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Linux Base64 encoding and decoding string value

Base64 encoding is a method of encoding binary data into an ASCII (text-based) format. In Linux and other computing environments, Base64 encoding is commonly used to represent binary data in a human-readable form. This encoding is used for different purposes. It encodes binary files for transmission over protocols that use text. It can also embed

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