September 2023

How to Setup CronJob On A Linux Server

Setting up a cron job on Linux involves using the crontab command. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to set up a cron job: The five asterisks represent: Make sure that the script or command you schedule with cron has the right permissions to run. Also, use absolute paths for any paths inside the

How To Increase Swap size on Ubuntu Linux

How To Increase Swap size on Ubuntu Linux

What is Swap? On Linux, swap is a space on a hard drive or SSD that functions as an extension of a system’s physical memory (RAM). In case the RAM memory is fully occupied, the Linux operating system has the ability to transfer less frequently used data to the swap space. This smart approach ensures

How to Setup WordPress On Ubuntu With Nginx and Lets Encrypt Certificate

How To Setup WordPress with Nginx On Ubuntu

In this tutorial, we will go over how to set up WordPress with Nginx and MariaDB on Ubuntu 22.04 Linux Server. We will also configure Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to secure our website. Prerequisites Update Ubuntu 22.04 Install Nginx on Ubuntu Output of Nginx installation Check Nginx service status Install MariaDB on Ubuntu MariaDB is

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