March 2019

Colorful shipping containers stacked on top of each other.

Container 101

What is a Container? A Container is a stripped-down lightweight image of an operating system, which is then bundled with the application package and other dependencies to run a Container in an isolated process. A container shares the core components such as kernel, network drivers, system tools, libraries, and many other settings from the host

Build your first docker image.

Building your first docker image for Windows

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to host an ASP.NET Core 2.2 application on Windows Containers by using a Docker image. A Docker image will be packaged with an ASP.NET Core application that will be run when a container is spun up.Before we get started with creating a Docker image. Let’s make sure we

An aerial view of containers in a port.

Run your first Windows Container on your Windows 10

Windows 10 now comes with container features available to pro and enterprise versions. To get started with containers on Windows 10, please make sure the below prerequisites are met. Pre-requisites Let’s ensure we have prerequisites installed before we get started with docker cli and container installation. If you already have the below items installed, you

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