How to reset Ghost blog admin user password

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In case you forgot your password and need to reset the password from the backend. You can do so by replacing the hash password with a new one. Follow the below guide on how to replace the password for the admin user or any user that is unable to use it.

NOTE: Usually this is not recommended. Use the forget password link on the login page to restore login failure. In case you are unable to receive the reset password link via email. Follow the below guide:

Reset Ghost blog user password

First we need to get a hash password. You can go to this website to generate a new hash password. Ghost blog uses `Bcrypt` encryption method to encrypt and store the password value in the database. In my case I already grabbed the password hash from link:


  1. Login to your server via SSH.
  2. Connect to MySQL database using the following command:
    `mysql -u username -p`
  3. Execute the following MySQL command to update the password:
    UPDATE database_name.users SET password=’hashed_password’ WHERE email = ’email_address’;
  4. Now you can go ahead and login via the ghost login page.

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