Top 100 Essential PowerShell Commands: Your Must-Know Cheat Sheet

Top 100 Essential PowerShell Commands_ Your Must-Know Cheat Sheet

PowerShell, an integral component of Windows operating systems, has revolutionized the way administrators and users interact with their systems by offering a robust command-line environment. At its core, PowerShell empowers users to leverage a comprehensive set of commands, often referred to as cmdlets, to perform a wide array of tasks. From basic PowerShell commands like ‘Get-ChildItem’ for navigating files and directories to more complex operations involving system management and automation, this environment has become an indispensable tool for Windows users.

Unlike the traditional command-line interface (CLI) like the Command Prompt, PowerShell’s flexibility comes from its ability to work with objects and data streams. By utilizing cmdlets, users can perform operations on data objects directly, making it easier to manipulate and manage information. Moreover, PowerShell offers the capability to create and execute scripts, enabling users to automate intricate processes and repetitive tasks efficiently.

However, before harnessing the full potential of PowerShell commands and scripts, one must navigate the concept of execution policies. These policies dictate the level of trust PowerShell places in various scripts and configurations. Understanding and managing these policies ensures a secure and controlled environment for executing scripts and commands. Whether it’s for automating routine tasks, managing systems at scale, or extracting insights from data, Windows PowerShell serves as an indispensable platform that empowers users to achieve efficient and streamlined operations within the Windows environment.

Here are the top 100 PowerShell commands to use and everyone should master:

1Get-HelpDisplays information about PowerShell commands.Get-Help Get-Process
2Get-CommandLists all available commands in PowerShell.Get-Command
3Get-ChildItemRetrieves files and folders in a specified location.Get-ChildItem C:\
4Set-LocationChanges the current working directory.Set-Location D:\
5Get-ContentReads the content of a file.Get-Content file.txt
6Out-FileWrites output to a file.Get-Process | Out-File processes.txt
7Write-OutputSends output to the pipeline.Write-Output “Hello, PowerShell!”
8Select-ObjectSelects specific properties of objects.Get-Process | Select-Object Name, CPU
9Where-ObjectFilters objects based on specified criteria.Get-Service | Where-Object { $_.Status -eq “Running” }
10ForEach-ObjectPerforms an operation on each object in a pipeline.1..5 | ForEach-Object { $_ * 2 }
11Format-TableFormats output as a table.Get-Process | Format-Table -AutoSize
12Sort-ObjectSorts objects by specified properties.Get-Service | Sort-Object Status
13Measure-ObjectCalculates properties of objects (e.g., length).“Hello, PowerShell!” | Measure-Object -Character
14New-ItemCreates a new item (file, folder, etc.).New-Item newfile.txt -ItemType File
15Remove-ItemDeletes an item.Remove-Item file.txt
16Copy-ItemCopies files or folders.Copy-Item file.txt newfolder
17Rename-ItemRenames an item.Rename-Item file.txt newname.txt
18Test-PathChecks if a file or folder exists.Test-Path file.txt
19Get-ServiceRetrieves services.Get-Service
20Start-ServiceStarts a service.Start-Service serviceName
21Stop-ServiceStops a service.Stop-Service serviceName
22Restart-ServiceRestarts a service.Restart-Service serviceName
23Get-ProcessRetrieves processes.Get-Process
24Start-ProcessStarts a process.Start-Process notepad
25Stop-ProcessStops a process.Stop-Process -Name notepad
26Get-WmiObjectRetrieves management information using WMI.Get-WmiObject Win32_ComputerSystem
27Get-EventLogRetrieves event log data.Get-EventLog -LogName Application
28Get-ContentReads the content of a file.Get-Content file.txt
29Set-ContentWrites content to a file.Set-Content file.txt “New content”
30Test-ConnectionTests network connectivity.Test-Connection
31Test-NetConnectionComprehensive network connectivity test.Test-NetConnection
32Invoke-WebRequestPerforms HTTP requests.Invoke-WebRequest
33ConvertTo-JsonConverts objects to JSON format.Get-Process | ConvertTo-Json
34ConvertFrom-JsonConverts JSON data to objects.‘{“Name”:”John”,”Age”:30}’ | ConvertFrom-Json
35Get-DateRetrieves the current date and time.Get-Date
36New-ObjectCreates a new object.New-Object PSObject
37Get-ContentReads the content of a file.Get-Content file.txt
38Set-ContentWrites content to a file.Set-Content file.txt “New content”
39Invoke-ExpressionInvokes a command or expression as if by typing it.Invoke-Expression ‘Get-Process’
40Write-HostDisplays messages to the console.Write-Host “Hello, PowerShell!”
41Out-GridViewDisplays data in a graphical table.Get-Process | Out-GridView
42Out-PrinterSends output to a printer.Get-Process | Out-Printer
43Get-HostRetrieves host information.Get-Host
44Get-ModuleLists the modules imported into the session.Get-Module
45Import-ModuleImports a module into the session.Import-Module MyModule
46Remove-ModuleRemoves imported modules from the session.Remove-Module MyModule
47Get-CommandLists available commands.Get-Command
48Get-AliasLists aliases.Get-Alias
49Set-AliasCreates or changes aliases.Set-Alias np Notepad
50Clear-HostClears the console screen.Clear-Host
51Clear-ContentClears the content of a file.Clear-Content file.txt
52Clear-ItemRemoves the content of an item.Clear-Item file.txt
53Clear-VariableRemoves variable values.Clear-Variable varName
54Clear-RecycleBinClears the contents of the Recycle Bin.Clear-RecycleBin
55Compare-ObjectCompares two sets of objects.Compare-Object object1 object2
56Complete-TransactionCompletes a transaction.Complete-Transaction
57ConvertFrom-CsvConverts CSV-formatted data to objects.Get-Content data.csv | ConvertFrom-Csv
58ConvertTo-CsvConverts objects to CSV format.Get-Process | ConvertTo-Csv -NoTypeInformation
59Debug-ProcessDebugs a process.Debug-Process -Id processId
60Disable-PSBreakpointDisables breakpoints.Disable-PSBreakpoint -Id breakpointId
61Enable-PSBreakpointEnables breakpoints.Enable-PSBreakpoint -Id breakpointId
62ExitExits the current session.Exit
63Export-AliasExports aliases to a file.Get-Alias | Export-Alias -Path aliases.txt
64Export-ClixmlExports objects to an XML file.Get-Process | Export-Clixml process.xml
65Export-CsvExports objects to a CSV file.Get-Process | Export-Csv process.csv
66ForEach-ObjectIterates through objects in the pipeline.1..5 | ForEach-Object { $_ * 2 }
67Format-CustomFormats output using a customized view.Get-Process | Format-Custom
68Format-HexFormats data as hexadecimal values.Format-Hex 123
69Format-ListFormats output as a list of properties.Get-Process | Format-List
70Format-TableFormats output as a table.Get-Process | Format-Table -AutoSize
71Format-WideFormats output as a table with a single wide column.Get-Process | Format-Wide
72Get-AclRetrieves access control lists (ACLs).Get-Acl file.txt
73Set-AclSets access control lists (ACLs).Set-Acl file.txt -AclObject $aclObj
74Get-AliasGets aliases.Get-Alias
75Get-AuthenticodeSignatureRetrieves digital signatures.Get-AuthenticodeSignature file.exe
76Get-ChildItemRetrieves items in a location.Get-ChildItem C:\
77Get-ClipboardRetrieves the current clipboard contents.Get-Clipboard
78Get-CommandGets commands.Get-Command
79Get-ComputerInfoRetrieves computer information.Get-ComputerInfo
80Get-ContentRetrieves the content of an item.Get-Content file.txt
81Get-CredentialRetrieves stored credentials.Get-Credential
82Get-CultureRetrieves culture information.Get-Culture
83Get-DateRetrieves the current date and time.Get-Date
84Get-EventRetrieves events.Get-Event
85Get-HistoryRetrieves the command history.Get-History
86Get-HostRetrieves host information.Get-Host
87Get-HotFixRetrieves installed hotfixes.Get-HotFix
88Get-ItemRetrieves items.Get-Item
89Get-ItemPropertyRetrieves property values of an item.Get-ItemProperty file.txt -Name Length
90Get-JobRetrieves background jobs.Get-Job
91Get-LocationRetrieves the current location.Get-Location
92Get-MemberRetrieves members of an object.Get-Process | Get-Member
93Get-ModuleLists the modules imported into the session.Get-Module
94Get-OSVersionRetrieves the operating system version.Get-WmiObject Win32_OperatingSystem | Select-Object Caption
95Get-ProcessRetrieves processes.Get-Process
96Get-RandomGenerates random numbers.Get-Random -Minimum 1 -Maximum 100
97Get-ServiceRetrieves services.Get-Service
98Get-TransactionRetrieves transactions.Get-Transaction
99Get-UICultureRetrieves user interface culture information.Get-UICulture
100Get-UniqueRetrieves unique items.Get-ChildItem | Get-Unique

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