Deploy kubernetes dashboard in kss cluster.

Deploying Kubernetes Dashboard in K3S Cluster

Get the latest Kubernetes Dashboard and deploy Create service account and role In admin-service user.yaml, enter the following values: In admin-user-role.yaml, enter the following values: Now apply changes to deploy it to K3S cluster: Expose service as NodePort to access from browser In edit mode change type: ClusterIP to type: NodePort. And save it. Your

Kubernetes cluster setup with raspberries and a kubernetes cluster.

Raspberry Pi 4 K3S cluster setup

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up a lightweight Kubernetes cluster using rancher k3s. My current Raspberry Pi 4 configuration: Hostname RAM CPU Disk IP Address k3s-master-1 8 GB 4 64 GB k3s-worker-node-1 8 GB 4 64 GB k3s-worker-node-2 8 GB 4 64 GB Prerequisite set values as shown below: Apply changes by executing

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