One-stop shop: Flow track offers businesses a central system to manage all their work

One-stop shop: Flow track offers businesses a central system to manage all their work

Flow Track is all in one software as a service that gives small business owners the ability to manage all their productivity tools from one place. Instead of juggling between multiple tools. Flow Track allows business owners and their employees to work from one single system.

Here are all the products that you can easily get started in a matter of hours.

  • Centralized system for collaboration such as Email, Chat, Phone, SMS.
  • Responsive and Fast Website and Funnels to get your clients in your lead generation.
  • Automation to reduce repetitive tasks like email reminders and text messages by using workflows. It's a true replacement of Zapier in my opinion.
  • Membership and course site to attract more leads to get into your system.
  • Appointments for your clients to quickly schedule bookings for services you provide.
  • Invoice and payment system to manage all your products you sell

How we are using FlowTrack in one of our Financial service agencies?

One of my friends who is in the financial service industry was looking for an appointment booking & website to be able to allow his clients to book an appointment. He just wanted a website and appointment page for his clients, but after showing him all the features of flow track, he also liked the chat feature to easily interact with his clients while they are browsing the website. This gave him confidence and leverage the flow track platform to manage all his clients and communications by simply leveraging the all-in-one flow track software-as-a-service platform. He is now saving over $700 in a year by managing all the tools in one place.

Flow Track is disrupting the market and bringing all the tools into one central hub. In my opinion Flow Track is the way to go to build an awesome website, chat, email, sms, marketing, automation, and many more. Flow track is reliable and I do see a lot of growth from the vision and direction they have set for business owners and solopreneurs.

Below is their pricing. In my opinion their Unlimited plan is amazing. You can't go wrong with their system. You can go here and purchase the subscription to get started.

Disclaimer: FlowTrack is providing me with an upgrade for this review.